Dad: Facebook was our Friend That Day

My Dad's birthday was July 2. Last July brought his 80th and final birthday. I posted this post on his page. He wasn't much for Facebook.

People poo-poo Facebook, privacy and all that. They say it's overrated. But Facebook was a miracle for us. I connected with several of his "Friends" (and such good friends they are!). One of those friends, Bill K. became my Facebook friend and we exchanged a few messages.

On Aug 1, Bill called my Dad to congratulate him on Dad's 29th year of sobriety. My dog, Jack, had died that morning. At the end of the day Bill messaged me through Facebook to let me know he had been trying to reach Dad, to no avail. He asked me if everything was okay. Of course I didn't know -- I was consumed with grieving over the loss of my dog.

Dad and I usually talked at some point on the weekends. I called him at 9 a.m. Saturday and got his voicemail. Normally I would have left the voicemail for him and simply waited for him to get back to me. But after Bill's message I was more proactive. I called Dad again at 11. He did not call back. At noon I called the apartment manager who went to his apartment, found him, called the police and the police came to my house in Sedona at around 3 p.m. to report that Dad had died in his apartment.
Had I not heard from Bill K. that day, I would have simply left the voicemail message for Dad, assuming he was out shopping or at a meeting or something else. I may or may not have tried calling him again later that day or even Sunday. Another week might have gone by.

So Facebook is good for something and I have found the goodness in all of his loyal and loving Facebook friends. He is one person who knew each and every one. No one was a stranger to my Dad.

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