What Does a Care Manager/Aging Life Specialist Do?

Elderplanning Services and Resources

We are happy to assist you in any way we can to make things easier for you and your family. We can help you coordinate any and all of the following, and more that we haven't thought of yet.

 Information and Referral: Community supports and Professional Services

Elderplanning has developed a giant base of information and referral sources after nearly 30 years in the long term care system. We can help you to determine what services will benefit you and objectively connect you to the services that you need. These services range from community organizations to professional services (physicians, attorneys, financial consultants,etc) to residential and home care options.

 Financial Information

Elderplanning is able to help you to determine your Medicaid eligibility. We also simplify the process for you by offering step by step guidance in application completion as well as representing you in the application interviews. You can be sure that your rights will be respected and that you will get the benefits you are entitled to. This may include Veteran's benefits and other benefits you may not even know about.

 Placement Services: Residential Care, Nursing Home Care, Hospice, Respite Care

Elderplanning has a solid understanding of local nursing homes and assisted living residences as well as many of the independent living options. Our knowledge comes firsthand, which makes it possible to match you with the residential options that will best meet your needs and preferences. Elderplanning's reputation also can give our clients leverage when seeking admission to their preferred facilities.

 Home Care Coordination:

Elderplanning works carefully with you to assess your comprehensive geriatric needs. This may be through public and private companion care programs, meal programs, home care programs,or countless ancillary services. We have many reliable referral sources that provide our clients with excellent care and we are happy to provide you with direction as well as coordinating those services for you. Home Health Care Coordination, Respite Care Coordination, Day Care Coordination


Elderplanning provides every client with advocacy. Our client comes first in all cases. We help clients to understand their rights: for example with the Medicaid/ALTCS process and appeals process, or as a resident in a nursing facility. We teach our clients what they can expect and advocate for them when circumstances demand special attention. We are protective and empowering at the same time. As a "coach" we guide you every step of the way and advocate for you to ensure that you can access the options most preferable to you.

 Advance Directives/Legal and Financial Planning

Elderplanning encourages every client to establish advance directives and to plan for their long term future. We assist with completion of these documents and have a healthy referral base of attorneys and other professionals who can assist you with Trust, Estate Planning and other issues. More info: Living WillsHealth Care Proxies...

 Support and Counseling Services:

Elderplanning offers counseling to clients and their families whenever needed. This sometimes comes in the form of family mediation. In every context we support our client and his or her family, treating the family as a unit -- considering the feelings and thoughts of each member, while advocating for the older client first and foremost.

 Personalized Care Planning:

Elderplanning offers geriatric assessment and comprehensive care planning. The goal of Elderplanning is to create a plan and establish services that will promote well-being and independence. There are six primary Elderplanning areas for establishing these goals which are: Medical, Psychiatric, Physical, Financial/Legal, Social and Spiritual. We help you to put an effective plan in place that will consider each and every one of these areas.

 Ongoing Geriatric Care Management Services:

If adult children and other supports reside out-of-town, a care manager will function as surrogate family to oversee the needs of the older person. The care manager serves as a liaison who can provide objective progress reports and facilitate communication between client, family and healthcare professionals. The care manager also provides any of the above services within this role. Each client's needs are met in a way that preserves health, safety and well-being.

 Other Services As Requested:

There are no limits to what Elderplanning can do to help you. We are designed to simplify the long term care system for you, as well as to save you from having to locate information and process it. If we don't have an answer, we will find it for you. It is our strong network of providers and contacts that make our job easier. We have developed a consistently strong network of service providers to make finding the care you need and want possible.

Please call or email us today to discuss your situation.